On this page ypu can accessa guide with 18 steps on how to obtain Dominica Government lots.

  1. Submit completed application form (PDF, 57 KB) to the Housing Division.
  2. The clerk enters the applications in a register and also on the computer according to the housing scheme where lot is requested.
  3. List of applicants together with application forms are submitted to the Houses and Lands Allocations Committee.
  4. Recommendations from the Houses and Lands Allocations Committee are submitted to the Honourable Minister.
  5. The Honourable Minister makes submissions to the Cabinet for approval.
  6. Cabinet Decisions with approved lots are sent to the Housing Division for preparation of Allocation Letters.
  7. Allocation letters are prepared and sent to the Honourable Minister for signature.
  8. Signed letters are returned to the Housing Division.
  9. The Division then sends the Allocation Letters to the approved applicants.
  10. When requested, approved applicants are shown lots allocated to them.
  11. Lots are paid for at the Housing Division and survey fees are paid at the Lands and Surveys Division.
  12. Plans are requested from the Lands and Surveys Division by the Housing Division.
  13. Plans received by the Housing Division are sent to solicitors or are picked up at the Housing Division by the respective individuals.
  14. Individuals are asked to take their plans to a solicitor for the processing of their title; this requires a 7.5% Government Transfer Fee of the valuation of the land plus the solicitor’s charges.
  15. Memorandum of Transfer (MOTs) are submitted by the solicitor to the Housing Division.
  16. Housing Division verifies the typed information on the Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) and ensures that all relevant documents are attached and then sends the MOTs in a batch to the Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs for transmission to the office His Excellency the President.
  17. Signed MOTs are returned to the Housing Division through the Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs.
  18. Housing Division then sends MOTs to the respective solicitors in order to continue the process of the Certificate of Title (COT).

Housing Division
Goodwill Road
Tel: (767) 266 3740
Fax: (767) 448 7512
E-mail: housingdivision@dominica.gov.dm