UAE, Dominica visa waiver agreement enters into force

A visa waiver agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Commonwealth of Dominica detailing the immigration entry privileges to which citizens of each country are entitled comes into force.

The agreement, signed by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, Minister of State for International Cooperation, formalises arrangements under which holders of UAE diplomatic, official, special and ordinary passports can obtain visa-free entry to Dominica. Under the agreement, holders of Commonwealth of Dominica diplomatic and official passports will be entitled to visas on arrival at UAE ports of entry. Holders of ordinary Dominican passports will be able to secure e-visas for entry to the UAE via official UAE websites.

Commenting on the agreement, Hubert Charles, Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the UAE, stated, “The visa waiver agreement is yet another important step in the development of strong bilateral relations between the Commonwealth of Dominica and this dynamic country. It not only facilitates official travel, but introduces predictability and certainty on the part of citizens of both countries interested in travel for tourism, investment, trade and cultural purposes.”

The visa waiver agreement comes in the wake of the recent official opening of the Embassy of Dominica in Abu Dhabi, which enables Dominican diplomats to pursue collaboration and development cooperation with UAE Government representatives in the political, economic, and cultural areas. As noted by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit at the opening ceremony in January, the Embassy is also engaged in the provision of consular services to citizens and investors, including the “small but dynamic” community of citizens residing in the UAE.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is known for its longstanding Citizenship by Investment, CBI, Programme which extends the rights of citizenship to deserving individuals and families seeking to expand their options for travel and investment activities. Ranked first in the world for three consecutive years in the prestigious CBI Index, published by Professional Wealth Management, a Financial Times publication, Dominica’s CBI Programme is known for its integrity, transparency and good reputation. Under the CBI Programme, applicants who pass all due diligence checks can obtain citizenship by contributing to the Economic Diversification Fund or investing in pre-approved real estate.

Universally accepted as being the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean,” Dominica is also well known for its commitment to resilience-building, the fight against climate change and its goal to become the world’s first climate resilient nation. The government’s plans to reduce the cost of energy by harnessing geothermal energy are being finalised, and programmes are underway to strengthen the ecotourism sector, expand investment in education at all levels and deliver resilient public housing. The Government of Dominica has introduced a comprehensive plastic ban, tax incentives for certified biodegradable products, and marine life regulations for sperm whale diving, among other sustainable initiatives.