The Commonwealth of Dominica Embassy to the UAE Celebrates 42 Years of Independence With Citizens

The Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica in UAE celebrated Dominica’s 42nd Independence Anniversary on November 3, 2020.
Consistent to the protocols established by the UAE authorities to avoid the spread of Covid-19, the celebration was held in a Virtual format, from 10:30am.

The programme of celebration included special greetings/addresses from officials of the Commonwealth of Dominica and video presentations which portrayed Dominica’s rich cultural heritage.

Dominican citizens in the UAE, as well as friends and well-wishers of the Dominican community were invited to participate in the celebration by signing in virtually from their respective homes and work places.

His Excellency the President Charles Savarin stated that ‘’In a world of displacement and migration, where many have found themselves uprooted and stateless, the Commonwealth of Dominica offers an opportunity for belonging’’.

Dominican citizens in the UAE were reminded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and Diaspora Affairs, Dr. Hon Kenneth Darroux that they should rededicate themselves to their country and to identify ways in which they can contribute towards the further development of Dominica.

In addition, the Dominican citizens who were signed in virtually were provided with details pertaining to the official address to be delivered by the Prime Minister of Dominica, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit; details on location and time for the address was provided during the event.
Resident Ambassador to the UAE, His Excellency Hubert Charles delivered welcome remarks during which time he informed citizens of some of the Embassy’s short/medium term plans, particularly the formation of an UAE/Dominican Association which he saw as a crucial move towards collaboration and relationship building among the citizens.

The Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the UAE opened its doors officially on January 22, 2020. Consequently, this was the first official program hosted by the Embassy since its establishment. Consequently, many Dominican citizens residing in the UAE connected to the event as a testament of their patriotism.