The Commonwealth of Dominica’s open International Ship Registry is one of the fastest growing and most efficiently managed Ship Registries. Registering a Yacht under the Commonwealth of Dominica is efficient, straightforward, cost-effective and has many extra important benefits. Our Registry provides to the client administrative and technical support throughout the complete process.

Private Yacht Registration Services

The Consulate in Athens Greece established since 2011, provides to the Greek, the GCC Region and the International Shipping Community amongst others with the following services:

  1. Ship and Yacht Registration
    B. Mortgage Recordation – Deletion
    C. Legalizations
    D. Administration of Oaths
    E. Legal Opinions in Dominica Law through reputable Dominica Attorneys
    F. Provisions of Ancillary Services to the Incorporation of IBC’s.
    G. Registration of Foreign Maritime Entities
    The Commonwealth of Dominica greatly announces that regulations have been updated to allow Private Yachts to charter out for a period of up to eighty four (84) days. This will allow Yacht Owners the ability to recoup some of the operational costs associated with Yacht Ownership.

Benefits for Registering a Private Yacht under the Dominica Flag

  • Yacht Registration is fast and simple.
  • Competitive Pricing with low annual fees.
  • Tax neutrality.
  • The Registration procedures, documentation, preferred mortgage standards and administrative contracts are acknowledged by reputable international lending institutions.
  • Private Yachts of 12 meters or more in length may be chartered out for 84 days per calendar year (in accordance with International Regulations) provided that the yacht operates under a minimum safe manning certificate, among other requirements.
  • The Registry permits a private yacht to be chartered out for up to 84 days in any one (1) calendar year to allow for the yacht owner to recoup some of his/her operating expenses. This chartering privilege exempts the yacht from having to be registered as a commercial yacht.
  • The Registry provides a free self-inspection program to help yacht owners ensure safety on their craft.
  • Extensive Global Technical Support Network is available worldwide from our qualified staff and experienced mariners.
  • Dedicated Staff Providing Prompt and Efficient Customer Service.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Support.
  • Flexible legislation suited for yacht owners and Ownership structures for superyachts.
  • Dominica is a stable and secure jurisdiction.

Dominica Maritime Registry offers Yacht Owners, cost effective yacht registration with no tonnage tax or size restrictions. In addition, the Registry provides a free self-inspection program to help Yacht Owners ensure safety on their craft.

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