Welcome to our Commonwealth of Dominica ship registry/registration page. Our Registry proudly offers to diligent Ship Owners, Managers, Operators and Mariners an opportunity to join an International Shipping Registry that prides itself on serving the Shipping Community with the best of support and its services.

Benefits of Registering your Ship Under the Commonwealth of Dominica Flag

Enjoy of benefits of:

  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Dedicated Staff Providing Prompt and Efficient Customer Service.
  • Extensive Global Technical Support Network.
  • Proactive IMO Participation.
  • Statutory Surveys and Certification Program.
  • Dedicated Effort to Continually Improve MOU Performance.
  • Multiple Incentive Programs Including Tonnage Fee Cap.
  • Foreign Maritime Entity Waiver Program: maintain existing IBC in former domicile.
  • Flag State Inspection Program to Enhance Port State Compliance and Response Support.
  • Acceptance by Major Banks, Charterers, and Insurance Agencies.
  • Anti-Piracy: Real Solutions Using Dominica Administration Approved Security Personnel.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Support.
  • STCW “White List” Mariner Training, Licensing and Certification Program for Issuance of Original COC.

The Commonwealth of Dominica’s open International Ship Registry is one of the fastest growing and most efficiently managed Ship Registries today. Our goal is to be The Flag of Responsibility giving the ability to operate your assets in a viable, open, International and Ship Registry system.

Registering a vessel under the Commonwealth of Dominica is efficient, straightforward and cost – effective. Our Registry provides to the client administrative and technical support throughout the complete process.

The first step is to submit a Request for acceptance to the Registry. A quotation will be provided upon acceptance, and it is smooth sailing from there. Our Registry can tailor the registration process specific to each client’s needs.

Dominica Ship Registration Documents and Forms

In order to request a quotation for registration under the Commonwealth of Dominica Flag kindly use the hyperlink:

Request a Quotation

The office of the Maritime Administration boasts a comprehensive knowledge of registering all vessel types. Our Registry provides competitive registration fees, absolutely no hidden costs or tonnage taxes and maritime expertise within 24 hour technical support.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at: marine@dominicaconsulategreece.com

For Emergency Response kindly contact at: +30 6932 47 85 85 / +30 6937 22 88 88