• Dominicans are given until December 31, 2022. to replace current passports with the new Biometric Passport.
• Dominica is the first country within the OECS to issue this type of book
• Dominica’s new ePassports are among the most secure passports around the world.

The new Biometric Passport:

• Contains 50 pages as opposed to 32 pages of the current machine-readable passport
• Contains advanced security features both overt and covert.
• Contains an electronic chip embedded in it which is equipped with biometric capabilities and facial recognition
• Includes biodata pages which are resilient to water, the laser engravement
• Incorporates a modern and aesthetic design that reflects the nature of Dominica and displays the country’s landmarks, flora and fauna.

Contact us at +306932488888 (WeChat, WhatsApp and Viber included)
Email: consulate@dominicaconsulate.com
Address: 4 Koumbari Street, Kolonaki Square, Athens, 10674 Greece