Requirements for applying for a Passport

All passports are issued in Dominica. Applications are processed at the Dominica Consulate in Athens, Greece and are transmitted to the Passport Office in Dominica for printing. Passports are returned to Dominica Consulate in Athens, Greece for collection/dispatch.


  1. Completed Application Form (PDF, 203 KB)
  2. Photographs

2 Photographs required: (IMPORTANT Note exact photo size)
The photos shall not be more than six months old and shall be 45mm in height x 38mm in width or (1 3/4″ x 1 1/2″). The image shall be 3 to 5mm from the top edge and 10 to 12mm from the bottom edge and show a close-up of the applicant’s head and the top of the shoulders. The face shall look directly at the camera with both ears showing and shall take up 70-80 percent of the vertical dimension of the picture. Photos should be printed on high-quality paper with high resolution. The photo should neither be overexposed nor underexposed. No shadows. Background colors should be white, Light Grey, Light Blue, Light Brown, Beige.

There must be a contrast between image and background, e.g. no white shirt on white background etc.

No sleeveless or tank tops. Chest area must be covered.
No shades or sunglasses.
No light reflections on glasses.
No head covering except in case of Muslims (Both ears and forehead must be visible).
No bold prints, or military shirts or camouflage.
Facial expression must be neutral. (Person may smile but mouth must not be open)

Original and copy of birth certificate or original certificate of naturalisation.

First-time applicants must be interviewed. Applicants should call the Dominica Consulate in Athens, Greece on +30 210 36 27 889 to arrange an appointment.

Persons collecting passports on behalf of an applicant must have a written notarized order (done in the presence of a Notary Public) from the applicant. This applies even if the person brought in the application on behalf of the applicant.

Lost/damaged/stolen passports:
Requirements on applying for a new passport on the grounds that the previous passport has been lost, stolen or damaged:

A certificate from the police reporting loss of passport. An official English translation of police report is required where applicable.
A report must be lodged with the Police in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Police Headquarters, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, Telephone +1 767 448 2222, Facsimile +1 767 4486204; Email Please write the name of the officer to whom the report was made on the passport application form at Section 10.
A statutory declaration to that effect, witnessed by a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths (copy of sample declaration can be obtained from the Consulate or downloaded here).
Section 8:
This section must be completed by an acceptable person, who has known the applicant for a least 2 years. Acceptable professions are listed on the front of the application form.

Original copy of applicant’s birth certificate or Certificate of Naturalisation (where applicable)
Completed passport application form (downloadable form)
All documents must be in English. Documents in another language must be accompanied by an official English translation.
Passport Fees
To avoid delay applicants are asked to make payments to the Dominica Consulate.

Passport Application Fees – are paid at the Government Treasury and receipts are submitted with application form.

Children under 16 years of age: EC$50.00
Adults (16 years older): $100.00
Lost/Stolen passports: Penalty fee of $400.00 in addition to the application fee.
Treasury receipt as proof of payment of application fee.
The normal processing time for passports is two (2) weeks. In an emergency, for example, in the case of illness, passports can be processed almost immediately, or within two to three working days.
Stamps are no longer required for passport applications.

For more information, please contact:

Passport and Immigration Department
Police Headquarters
Bath Road
Commonwealth of Dominica
Telephone: (767) 266 5159
Fax: (767) 448 6204