Getting married in Dominica? On this page you can access a list of the required documents you will need to obtain a special marriage act lisence for Commonwealth of Dominica.

  1. Completed Marriage Application (Form G) signed by both parties and witnessed/signed by a magistrate/justice of the peace/notary public/commissioner of oaths
  2. Valid Passport(s) must be presented for inspection
  3. Original birth certificate. Non-nationals must also provide a photocopy of their birth certificate.
  4. EC$7.50 postage stamps
    Please note:
    Non-marriage certificate or statutory declaration attesting to the marriage status of the applicants
    Decree absolute in case of divorce
  5. Death certificate if spouse is deceased.
  6. Deed poll if name has been changed.
  7. Evidence of consent if one of the applicants is below the age of 18.
  8. Authenticated translation of any required documents which is not in English

Special Marriage License fees:

  • Non- Residency: EC$500.00 or US$185.00.
  • Weekend/Holiday Fee: EC$504.00 or US$185.00.

Other fees:

  • Cost of Marriage License EC$300.00 to be paid to the Ministry of Community Development.
  • Marriages with the Registrar’s Office – EC $30.00.
  • Marriages celebrated outside the Registrar’s Offices will cost EC $100.00 plus a reasonable transportation fee.
  • Lawyers fee for statuary declaration on marital status (inclusive of Affidavit) – EC $500.00

In the event of unavailability of original documents for items 3 to 4, a notarized copy of the documents will be accepted.