The Government of Dominica conducts enhanced due diligence on all applicants and all information submitted to the Financial Services Unit (FSU).

The Financial Services Unit of the Commonwealth of Dominica is the sole regulatory authority for the Non-Bank Financial Sector in Dominica and the Money Laundering Supervising Authority.

The required documentation together with the completed forms are required to process the Dominica Offshore Banking Licenses.

Dominica Offshore Bank Licence – Requirement Checklist

Disclosure Form

Consent Form


Offshore Banking (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 2019, ACT 4 of 2019

Offshore Banking (Amendment) Act 2019, ACT 1 of 2019

Offshore Banking (Amendment) Act, 1997, Act 2 of 1997

Offshore Banking (Amendment) Act, 1999, Act 18 of 1999

Offshore Banking (Amendment) Act, 2000, Act 16 of 2000

Offshore Banking (Amendment) Act, 2008, Act 16 of 2008

Offshore Banking (Fees) Regulations, 1996, SRO 58 of 1996

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