This is a welcome message by the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

“I am delighted to welcome you to the Commonwealth of Dominica. Where you will become a life-long friend.

We appreciate your interest in our country. We are a developing island nation, located midway in the Eastern Caribbean archipelago with miles of fertile soil, verdant forest and lovely vistas that have given us the designation of Nature Island of the Caribbean.

Commonwealth of Dominica: A Diverse Economy

We have taken action to move Dominica from an economy dependent on agriculture to one of diversity, balancing product output with service output.

Unique Tourism Product in the Caribbean

Our tourism product is unique and unparalleled throughout the Caribbean, with real opportunities for investment in hotels, villas, resorts and other similar type accommodation.

We have taken the bold step and enacted extremely favorable legislation for international businesses and put in place the infrastructure and other support structures staffed by knowledgeable and competent professionals, to guide and assist in the tourism, services, manufacturing and export sectors.

Our people are trained, and ready for the challenge. We invite investments that will generate sustained economic growth and prosperity, and create jobs and business opportunities for our people.

My government is committed to continuing to provide the legislative and administrating framework, and maximum fiscal and technical support necessary to encourage your investment and attain those goals.

We are creating a framework of modern, diversified, sustainable and resilient economic structures to meet the demands of a highly competitive global training environment.

Dominica is for the adventurous, the romantic, the faint hearted, and the broad-backed.

Investing Opportunities in Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica is for anyone looking for a real investment opportunity or just the ideal tourism destination.

I invite you to visit and invest in Dominica, the emerging investment destination in the Caribbean.

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme was first established in 1993 (Economic Citizenship Programme) and has built a good reputation with the highest level of due diligence and confidence in the program.

In 2013 the Government took a decision to establish a variant of the economic citizenship programme to facilitate investment particularly in real estate development.

This allows investors investing in approved development on the island to be considered for the benefit of economic citizenship status.

In October 2014 the Government enacted changes resulting in a more streamlined Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU).

Importantly too, the Government have strengthened the due diligence process, and effective March 2015 the mandatory requirement for an interview has been removed from the process, reserving it only for special circumstances where deemed necessary.

We are committed to ensuring that our Programme continues to be trusted and well-respected by maintaining its integrity, while at the same time being responsive to the needs of our stakeholders.

The Government of Dominica encourages you to come to Dominica as a visitor and leave as a life-long friend, and even a citizen.

Sincerely yours,
The Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit
Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Commonwealth of Dominica - Prime Minister. Mr Roosevelt Skerrit
The Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit - Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica