Commonwealth of Dominica Economic citizenship (or Investment Citizenship) is available exclusively by licensed lawyers named “Citizenship Authorised Agents“.

Authorized Citizenship by Investment Agents - Talk to Dominica Authorised Agents Today

Authorized Citizenship by Investment Agents – Talk to a Dominica Authorized Agent Today

Procedures for applying for an Authorized Dominica citizenship by investment agent.

On this page, you will access information about the required steps and all the requirements to apply for Dominican Citizenship with a Citizenship Authorised Agent’s help.

1. Appointing Your Citizenship Authorised Agent

The first step for applying for Citizenship is to appoint your Authorised Agent. Applications for citizenship cannot be submitted directly and must only be handled by an Authorised Agent. To appoint an Authorised Agent, kindly contact us at

An “authorized agent” acts on behalf of the main applicant concerning citizenship by investment application.

2. Required Documents Preparation

Your Authorised Agent will provide you with assistance in preparing your documentation for submission. You will need to complete the official forms, attend a medical examination, and obtain certain supporting documents, all of which need to be submitted in English and with the appropriate legalization. If you are purchasing property, this will need to be reserved through a sale and purchase agreement at this point.

Your Agent will advise you on the preparation of the documents and how to have them legalized.

3. Required Application Submission by Authorised Agent

When all of your forms are complete, the Agent will apply Dominica competent Authority and will liaise to all correspondence, queries, or questions on your file that may arise in due course. There is currently no mandatory interview requirement for the Dominican Citizenship by Investment Programme; however, an interview may be required at the government’s discretion.

4. Application Review – Due Diligence Back Ground Check

Your application will be vetted through a thorough due diligence background check, which will verify your provided information. The Dominica competent Authority will consider the file in the light of the due diligence report and decide on your application. You will receive a letter through your agent who will inform you whether your application has been successful, delayed for further processing, or rejected.

5. Investment Payment – Acquiring a Certificate of Registration for a Dominican Passport

If the application is successful, the applicant will receive a letter instructing them to make the investment payment (for the Government Fund option) or complete the payment of the real estate property. Upon receiving proof of the payment, the Authority will issue a certificate of registration, which will be able to be used by your agent to apply for a Dominican passport.

The Applicant/Agent is entirely responsible for the securing of passports. No government officer or department is responsible for applying for passports for any individual.

Applying for a Dominica Passport

Passports can be procured by submitting the following to the Immigration Office, Police Headquarters, Roseau:

  1. Completed passport Application Form pdf file
  2. Passport Application Fees – to be paid at the Treasury Department (a birth certificate and a marriage certificate (if the female applicant is married) must be presented to the Cashier at the Treasury Department before fees are paid):
    a. Children under 16 years of age: EC$75.00
    b. Adults (16 years older): EC$150.00
    c. Lost / Stolen passports: EC $400.00
  3.  Treasury receipt as proof of payment of application fee
  4. Original and copy of the birth certificate
  5. Two recent passport-sized photos (45mm x 38mm or 1 3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches).
  6. For first time applicants, an interview with the Inspector, Immigration, is required. Interviews are also held at the Dominica Consulate offices.
  7. Persons collecting passports on behalf of an applicant must have a written notarized order (done in the presence of a Notary Public) from the applicant. This applies even if the person brought in the application form on behalf of the applicant.
  8. Passports that have been lost, stolen, or damaged must be reported to the Immigration Department in Roseau, the nearest Police Station, or the Dominica Consulate.
  9. The normal processing time for passports is two (2) weeks. For example, in an emergency, passports can be processed almost immediately or within two to three working days in the case of illness.
  10. Stamps are no longer required for passport applications.

These are the procedures for applying for an Authorized Dominica citizenship by investment agent.

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