Obtaining a Dominica Residence Permit is a relatively straightforward process.

Anyone who wants to gain permanent residency in Dominica, must have renewed their temporary residency permit of 1 year, every year for 5 consecutive years. Alternatively, they can have a valid work permit in the island for 5 years. The Authority to submit the permanent residency Application is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and Labor.

If this is a first-time application, the Applicant must produce:

1. Passport with a minimum SIX MONTHS validity prior to the expiration

It is advisable that applicants proceed to a passport renewal prior to their Dominica Residence Permit application in order to meet the above mandatory requirement.

2. Extension of Stay

Visitors who wish to apply for a Dominica Residence Permit, should prior to that, apply for an extension of stay at the Immigration Department.

The extension is duly recorded in their Passport.

Alternatively, an Extension of Stay is not necessary if the Applicant’s Status changes to Work or Residence Permit.

In this respect Visitors on Island, who wish to obtain a Dominica Residence Permit and have not applied for an Extension of Stay, are considered ILLEGAL.

Unless their status of Visitor is regularized no application form for a Residence Permit shall be handed over to them.

Applicants who fulfil the above conditions are given the DOMINICA RESIDENCE APPLICATION PACKAGE.

The package consists of TWO APPLICATION FORMS and CHECKLIST:


This form must be completed by the Applicant. All questions need to be answered. The Extension of Stay on passport should be entered at the end of the form.


Medical Exam is Required by a local Medical Doctor. HIV and chest x-rays tests must be included and results should be recorded on the medical form.

• Documents required for applying for a Residence Permit

NB All required documents must be submitted together with the application, otherwise the application will not be accepted.